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Introductional article to the game.
Video tutorial of rules (FLV).
Official single-player rules (PDF) January 05th, 2015, Multi-player (PDF). January 05th, 2015.
CoC-faq Ver 4.1 (PDF). October 16th, 2015.
Tournament Rules Ver 4.1.1 (PDF). July 15th, 2015.
end-of-life announcement for the game.

Source for materials:

Some homebrewed decks.

Restricted List

Alternative Historian
Broken Space, Broken Time
Diseased Sewer Rats
Dreamlands Fanatic
Feed Her Young
Guardian Pillar
Infernal Obsession
Interstellar Migration
Itinerant Scholar
Josef Meiger
Khopesh of the Abyss
Lost Oracle
Marcus Jamburg
Master of the Myths
Matthew Alexander
Museum Curator
Nikola Tesla
Obsessive Insomniac
Por XV 14:19
Ravager of the Deep
Rite of the Silver Gate
Shocking Transformation
Speak to the Dead
Studying the Void
Stygian Eye
Temple of R’lyeh
The Festival
Twilight Gate
Yithian Scout


--- Madness and Horror CoC: Asylum Packs ---

2x The Mountains of Madness (+ 0x)
2x Ancient Horrors (+ 1x)

--- CoC: Forgotten Lore ---

1x Spawn of Madness (+ 0x)
1x Kingsport Dreams (+ 0x)
0x Conspiracies of Chaos (+ 1x)
0x Dunwich Denizens (+ 1x)
1x At the Mountains of Madness (+ 0x)
0x Ancient Horrors (+ 0x)

--- Call of Cthulhu Core Set ---

2x Call of Cthulhu LCG Core Set (+ 1x)

--- CoC: Summons of the Deep ---

2x The Spawn of the Sleeper (+ 1x)
2x The Horror Beneath the Surface (+ 1x)
1x The Antediluvian Dreams (+ 2x)
1x The Terror of the Tides (+ 2x)
3x The Thing from the Shore (+ 0x)
2x The Path to Y'ha-nthlei (+ 1x)

--- CoC: Dreamlands ---

1x Twilight Horror (+ 2x)
2x In Memory of Day (+ 1x)
1x In the Dread of Night (+ 2x)
2x Search for the Silver Key (+ 1x)
1x Sleep of the Dead (+ 2x)
1x Journey to Unknown Kadat (+ 2x)

--- CoC: The Yuggoth Contract ---

0x Whispers in the Dark (+ 1x)
1x Murmurs of Evil (+ 0x)
1x The Spoken Covenant (+ 0x)
1x The Wailer Below (+ 0x)
1x Screams from Within (+ 0x)
1x The Cacophony (+ 0x)

--- CoC: The Rituals of the Order ---

1x The Twilight Beckons (+ 0x)
1x Perilous Trials Asylum (+ 0x)
1x Initiations of the Favored (+ 0x)
1x Aspirations of Ascension (+ 0x)
1x The Gleaming Spiral (+ 0x)
1x That Which Consumes (+ 0x)

--- CoC: Ancient Relics ---

1x The Shifting Sands (+ 0x)
1x Curse of the Jade Emperor (+ 0x)
1x The Breathing Jungle (+ 0x)
1x Never Night (+ 0x)
1x Into Tartarus (+ 0x)
1x Shadow of the Monolith (+ 0x)

--- CoC: Revelations ---

1x Written and Bound (+ 0x)
0x Words of Power (+ 1x)
1x Ebla Restored (+ 0x)
1x Lost Rites (+ 0x)
0x The Unspeakable Pages (+ 1x)
0x Touched by the Abyss (+ 1x)

--- Call of Cthulhu Deluxe Expansions ---

CT32-33, CT59-65:
1x Secrets of Arkham Expansion (+ 1x)
1x The Order of the Silver Twilight Expansion (+ 0x)
1x Seekers of Knowledge (+ 0x)
0x The Key and the Gate (+ 1x)
0x Terror in Venice (+ 1x)
0x Denizens of the Underworld (+ 1x)
0x The Sleeper Below (+ 1x)
1x For the Greater Good (+ 0x)
1x The Thousand Young (+ 0x)
1x The Mark of Madness (+ 0x)

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